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On this page I present a small part of my research work at my current affiliation (MRI segmentation) and my former affiliation (orbit segmentation). At the end, a list of my publications is made available.

MRI segmentation

MRI processing pipeline

I am currently working at MIRALab, University of Geneva, Switzerland as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher for the MultiScaleHuman project. My work is centered on the efficient extraction of muscolo-skeletal structure from MR images. Together with our hospital partner we have developed an acquisition protocol that allows us to generate seamless images that cover the complete. I have then implemented several pre-processing steps, including stitching, de-noising and bias field correction. Using the methods described in [BMT14a], I can label muscle tissue. Further work is on using deformable model segmentation for identification of individual muscles.

Orbit segmentation

Orbit segmentation

My previous research work at Welfenlab, Leibniz University of Hanover, was about the bony orbit. This structure is formed by the bones that hold the eye. Through high impact incidents, e.g. accidents or violence, the thin orbital floor can be easily fractured. Since it is not feasible to restore it, it has to be replaced by a titanium mesh. In my work I have developed a deformable model based segmentation technique to evaluate the outcome of the surgery. We compare the affected t orbit to the healthy one and evaluate several parameters. More information can be found in my master’s thesis and an upcoming paper. This work has been partly funded by the AO Foundation.


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